Saturday, October 29, 2011

How To Survive Without Electricity

It is possible to survive with no electricity. The earth has provided us with many
natural power sources that can do everything electricity can do. If your power has
been disrupted or if you cannot pay the bill or if you live somewhere were
electricity is just not available, you can use these sources to provide for your 
basic needs.
Solar Panel Kit

This is the most popular way of accessing natures electricity. Place a panel so that is gets the most sun during the day. Then you will tie the panel to a battery. The panel takes in the power and the battery stores the power for future use. The power in the battery is DC power. You can use it directly if you have things that run on DC power simply by connecting them to the battery. You can find almost everything you need with DC power by going to RV stores. You can also tie the battery into a converter that converts DC power into AC power.

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